Time for a break

Hey there everyone. Just to inform you, Evolve is taking a break from its activities for an uncertain time. I’m not quitting. We are going to try to develop a new mold, get new ideas, do something new. To be honest, this is not the first time we give a break, it’s like the second […]

São Paulo

Pfffff haven’t updated this place in like forever, my bad, i just forget, really. We are going to have another nice little event next week in São Paulo, check the flyer bellow, and come join us if you can!!

Big update

Hello folks. You know that once in a while, a miracle happens, and today is that day 😀 Finally, after almost two years, i updated this website with new pictures, new info about the decks, how to order and some other things. Take your time and have a look around. Afterall, who knows when we […]


Hey there, long time uhm!! Just wanted to say that tomorrow, march 28th, i’ll be leaving to Berlin, and then later to Porto, Portugal. I’ll be back on April 8th, in case of any questions, i’m going to answer everything as soon as i get back. I still need to update this website with the […]

New distributors

Hello again. Quick update, just added two new distributors, WOW and Jows, check their links at the Order page if your interested. ___________ Rápido update, acabei de adicionar duas novas lojas que revendem Evolves, a WOW do Gui Osiecki e a Jows de Uberlândia. Para os interessados, os links estão na página “Order”

Heads up

Hai thurrr everybody! Quick heads up, kind of important. I have a knee injury and i’ll start a treatment next week, for at least a couple months. During this time, the production is going to be ALOT slower than usual, which is also bad timing, since i’d need to restock….. I’ll keep getting orders, but […]

New rider!!

Say hello to the newest addition to our team, my bud Felipe “Lepo”! Welcome mate!! Stoked to have you on board!! Don’t forget to check Lepo’s model at the decks page. They are already being produced and should be out anytime soon!